Artist Representation:

Gaylene Briggs

We are proud to represent Gaylene Briggs. Gaylene Briggs is essentially a self-taught painter, whose interest in art began in high school and has evolved since then. Her medium of choice is currently acrylics and sometimes water colors. Briggs prefers a more realistic approach to her artwork; she likes her paintings to reflect what she sees around her.
Briggs had her first real show in 2009 on an island in the Caribbean, and since then, her paintings have been shown in various galleries in the U.S. Virgin Islands as well as Western North Carolina.
Born in Washington, raised in California, Briggs has spent time in Montana,
St. Thomas and North Carolina. She is presently spending time on the West Coast
to be closer to her family.
Briggs has had the opportunity to travel a great deal throughout her life, and she enjoys capturing the images that she has seen during the course of her journeys.

Karyn Gould

Karyn is the owner of HANG IT UP. Her creativity is in many mediums as well as running and working in the frame shop. Just a few samples are below.

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